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Homework 3

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Good morning(final).wav


My ordinary life day in and day out


Good Morning

My apartment is located in In-Cheon city which is proximity close to the national airport. It is actually quite far from my home to the school. It approximately takes 2 and half an hour. That’s why I usually get up at 6AM so that I can be on time in the morning class. To use the time between my home and the school efficiently, I complete homework, read newspaper and sometimes do something really important on the subway.

When Feeling not good due to inclement weather, serious rush hour and too crowded in the subway, I decide cancel a class on my own. But according to the result of my grade, Freedom doesn’t guarantee success.


Good afternoon

Lunch time is coming. This is Student welfare building where I’m used to having meal. Why? The quality, the taste, saving time to back to class room I never care about. The premier reason why I usually use this cafeteria is the cheapest price of food. My friends call me “MISER” but I recognize me as economic person myself.

While other students are having great time in fancy Café after lunch, I spend my time with coffee from vending machine and English newspaper I totally cannot read. This time I feel that I’m one of new Yorkers. It’s cool.

I’m back to class. The moment is started fighting against sleeping.

After sleeping, Sorry! After class, I go to pub to throw stress away with friends. And we drink lightly. Very lightly.


Good evening

Upon arriving home, I check my e-mail. Wow! Today about 50mails have been sent to me. I’m gleefully proud of popularity. But I finally figure out that they are all spam mails.

I’m trying to finish homework and study more. But 10minutes later since the time on sitting at the desk, I see myself turning the light off to go to bed.

Good night everyone!!





The details of the assignment


- Multi-track recording of my voice following "A day in my life" with backgroundmusic.


The specifications of the file (file format, file size etc.)

-File format : wav

-File size : 34MB

-File Bitrate : 1411 kbps

-Runtime :  0:03:22


How you made the project


-I first recorded my voice following the scrip "A day in my life" using Gom record program.



What you learned form the project


-How to record my voice.

-How to use Audacity program more efficiently.

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