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Homework 1

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The details of the assignment

 I wrote my name and nuber down on my pic using the 'Paint' program. 

 The 'Paint' program provides 2 options for type style.

 One is 'Opaque' and another is 'Transparent'.


The specifications of the file (file format, file size etc)  

 file size : 23.3 kilo bytes.

 file format : Jpeg

 picture size : 243X474


How you made the project

I first found this original pic and cut it in half and modified using 'Paint' program.

Finally I clicked buttons to set an opaque or transparent background for the text: 

'2003037285', 'Lee Chung Hun'


 What you learned form the project

I learned how to design photo using 'Paint' program easily

and 2 different ways to put text on pic. 

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